At NSVA we offer high quality and affordable education in all aspects of the visual arts for people of all ages and creative skill levels.


Creative art for all ages

Established in 1996 the school has grown into a well known and recognized learning institution preparing students for further tertiary studies and a vocation in art, bridging the gap between recreational and vocational learning.

The part time nature of our courses allows students flexibility to balance their creative career with a busy lifestyle or profession.



We strive to maintain a personal touch, every student’s creative path is considered important to us. In art education we celebrate differences of interpretation and new discoveries. The sharing of creative ideas and problem solving is what makes art exciting. Teaching staff & students form a close bond throughout the courses and many friendships develop.

Students are able to explore and develop their individual talent in a friendly and nurturing environment combining learning of traditional studio techniques & drawing skills with an understanding of being an artist in the contemporary world .

NSVA, the best among the Art Schools in Sydney has its own gallery space “Gallery 307” which offers students the unique opportunity to showcase their works as well as exposing them to other contemporary artists..


Our mission is the art education of students from child through to adult tertiary level for both recreational purposes and training as professional visual artists.


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