Tuesdays Acrylics / Mixed Media

Acrylics 10.00-12.00pm
Mixed Media 12.30-2.30pm
Tutor: Karen Atkins

Tuesday 6th Feb - Tuesday 6th March 2018 (5 wks)
Tuesday 13th March - Tuesday 10th April 2018 (5 wks)

Duration: 5 weeks  
Acrylics 10.00-12.00pm - $200
Mixed Media 12.30-2.30pm $200
Both Acrylics & Mixed Media $390

Mixed Media karen atkins image.jpg

Acrylics  - Explore the infinite possibilities of painting with acrylics, including the use of mediums and developing technical proficiency.  connect to your creativity in a warm, friendly environment and enjoy the pleasures of painting.

Mixed Media - Experience combining acrylic painting with an array of materials to create exciting artworks.  Materials range from wood, vintage papers, textiles, metals and recyclables and enjoy learning various techniques that in combination with your imagination, develop your creative self.

What the 5 weeks will look like :

1. Exploration of colour - Develop colour missing skills and create artwork utilising exciting vibrant colour.
2. Mark Making - Experiment with different brushes to achieve different textures and effect.  Enhance your artwork using tools other than brushes to create atmospheric artworks.
3. Mixed Media - Use vintage papers, acrylic mediums and washes to create mysterious landscapes.
4. Still Life - Extending colour skills, this class emphasises colour and pattern
5. Figures in Landscape - using a combination of expressive brushstrokes and fine details, create an exciting narrative painting


Wednesdays (subject to numbers) - Watercolour

Watercolour lyndall mckee.jpg

Watercolour - still life from 2D (images) and 3D objects

 10.00 -1.00pm

Wednesday 7th Feb - Wednesday 7th March 2018 (5 wks)
Wednesday 14th March - Wednesday 11th April 2018 (5 wks)

Tutor : Lyndall McKee
Duration: Initial block of 5 weeks with the option of continuing throughout the year
Cost: $300

Explore the infinite possibilities of still life painting with watercolour,  developing technical proficiency.  During the course explore still life using images and objects . Connect to your creativity in a warm, friendly environment and enjoy the pleasures of painting.

Bernarddevaux dancing nude.jpg

Thursdays - Life Drawing

New! Life drawing evening sessions

Tutor : Bernard DeVaux
Duration: 4 week blocks            

Thursday evenings 6.30-8.30 pm

Join a group of artists for a 2 hour weekly life drawing session. 6-10 participants only. Register your interest now. Wine and snacks available.

Cost : $180 -  running 4 week blocks

workshop pic

Weekend Workshops

Abstract Art Workshops
Tutor: Susan Davies
Dates: Sunday 18th March 2018
Time : 11am - 4pm
Cost : $130.  Afternoon tea provided and a materials list will be sent to all participants.

Join us for a fun day of Abstract Painting.  Let your creativeness flow free.  
Play with emotional connection between colour and design as well as capturing the feeling of movement.  Explore different methods of using abstract shapes.                                                          

Shiela Posner travel sketchbooks.jpg

The Travel Sketchbook Workshops

Tutor: Sheila Posner
Date: TBA - expressions of interest invited
Time : 10.30am - 1pm
Cost : $120 per session.   Please bring a small sketchbook.-approx 15 x 20cms ( paints, pens & brushes will be loaned for the session)

Well-travelled artist & art instructor, Sheila Posner introduces the  idea of the travel diary as a spontaneous & fun way to document your travels. 
Using water-based pens and water colour washes, Sheila will help you look at the concepts of observation, line, wash & the use of text to enhance images.
She will show her own sketchbooks & demonstrate her techniques. Visual material  provided.


2018 Weekend Classes

 One  Day Workshop - "Plein Air" painting on location - Quibaree Park, Lavendar Bay.  Weather permitting

Tutor: Tony Belobrajdic
Date: TBC
Duration: 10am - 4pm
Cost: $120.00

"Plein Air" painting should be the ultimate goal for every cityscape - landscape or travelling artist.  During our morning session we will doing quick, spontaneous sketch paintings concentrating on composition, creating focus and how to simplify complex outdoor scenes.  We will start with a pencil sketch and as an option I will also demonstrate how to paint directly with the brush onto paper.  A three hour timeframe will allow attention to every participant.  After lunch we will paint one large piece. Painting on easel would be preferred but if you don't have one, cardboard support for your paper will do.  Bring a portable seat or blanket, hat, and your usual painting gear.  This workshop is designed for people with at least some knowledge of water colours but no advanced experience is necessary.  8-10 participants.

Short walk from North Sydney Train station or all day free parking on Walker and Arthur St, both off Lavender Street


Life Drawing/ Portrait Workshop
Date: TBC
10-4pm cost $150 (incl model)
Tutor: Victoria Peel

In the morning Victoria will introduce you to the fundamentals of life drawing for portrait drawing, that is how to achieve gesture, form and proportion whilst participants pose for each other for a short time each. Victoria will start you off with quick sketches exploring the form with continuous cross contour lines in order to connect your hand to your eye. (A method used to connect you to the Right Side of the Brain, the side that sees how the parts relate to the whole, without judgement of how well you can draw.) You will be amazed how quickly your confidence will grow.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to work on longer poses from a model using willow charcoal to create tone and any other drawing material of your preference, from black and white to colour. Victoria will work closely with each participant encouraging you to capture the gesture, structure and proportion of each pose whilst investigating the unique character of the sitter. We will look at examples of other artists interested in portraiture and their various approaches from the haunting humanity of Kath Kollwitz, the expressive marking making of Frank Auerbach, Giacometti, and the American painter and draftsman Larry Rivers. In the last 30 minutes we will have class feedback on selected work done during the day.

Artist and teacher Victoria Peel studied Fine Arts in London and Sydney. She has exhibited in Australia and overseas for over 35 years and lectured in drawing for over 28 years. Whilst exploring space and the rhythm of light and colour in interiors and landscapes, Victoria is currently interested in relating the figure to its environment, thereby alluding to an aspect of the human condition – that of the contrasting experiences of isolation and connection

Acrylics - Explore the infinite possibilities of painting with acrylics, including the use of mediums and developing technical proficiency.  Connect to your creativity in a warm, friendly environment and enjoy the pleasures of painting.



Watercolour-learn basics, still life, portraiture and  landscapes/cityscapes

Tutor : Tony Belobrajdic                                                                       
Dates :  TBC Term 4                                                                         
Duration  5 weeks  10-2.30pm                                                          
Cost: $395     (max 8 students)                                                                                                        

Experience the exciting medium of watercolour .Paint still life , portraiture  and urban landscapes and cities from your travel diaries. Drawing and painting skills taught .



Sculpture Drawing, Clay modelling and carving the figure
Tutor: Alan Somerville
Dates: TBA - expressions of interest invited
Duration: 5 weeks (10-2:30pm)
Cost: $495

Students will learn to draw the figure from a life model and use sketches as inspiration for a clay sculpture. They will then carve a soapstone or limestone sculpture using a variety of tools. Alan’s sculptures are admired same as the master RODIN. He has the ability to infuse emotion and energy into his drawings and sculpture and pass his knowledge onto his students.




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