Children's Art Prize Winners 2017

A very big thank you and congratulations to all the children who entered the Northbridge Childrens Art Prize.  Every single piece was just amazing and we know Yvonne Langshaw, multi award winner Artist had a very hard time judging.

Winners below:

Grand Prize winner Jessica zhang.jpg

Grand Prize Winner                 

Jessica Zhang

In the Drivers Seat  No. 5 

Cat 1 best in category Luci Perri & Rio Yamada - city in the way.jpg

5-7yrs Best in Category

Luci Perri & Rio Yamada

City in the Way  No. 47

Cat 1 runner up Amelia Field - Reflections my world.jpg

5-7yrs Runner Up 

Amelia Field

Reflections - My World  No. 11

Cat 1 highly commended Nicolas Sidoti - Canadian Treescape.jpg

5-7yrs Highly Commended

Nicolas Sidoti

Canadian Treescape   No. 19

Cat 1 commended Phoebe Cherrington - Dancing under the rainbow.jpg

5-7yrs Highly Commended 

Nicolas Sidoti

Canadian Treescape   No. 19

Cat 1 commended Charlie Goodare - Sunrise.jpg

5-7yrs Commended 

Charlie Goodare

Sunrise   No. 48

Cat 1 commended Davi Marx - Family.JPG

5-7yrs Encouragement

Davi Marx

Family   No. 15

Cat 2 best in category Lucia Haan - My walk to school.jpg

8-11yrs Best in Category

Lucia Haan

My Walk to School   No. 51

Cat 2 runner up Nicholas Borland - Me in Newspapers.JPG

8-11yrs Runner Up 

Nicholas Borland

Me in Newspapers   No. 29

Cat 2 Highly commended Chloe Davies - secret garden.JPG

8-11yrs Highly Commended

Chloe Davies

Secret Garden   No. 6

Cat 2 Highly commended Abigail Walton - Sights and tastes from my amazing world.JPG

8-11yrs Highly Commended

Abigail Walton

Sights & tastes from My Amazing World   No. 69

Cat 2 Jessica Rees - Night Sky through my eyes.JPG

8-11yrs Commended

Jessica Rees

Night sky through my eyes   No. 71   

Cat 3 Best in Category Nami Liu - filtered.JPG

12-16yrs Best in Category

Nami Liu

Filtered   No. 74

Cat 3 runner up Jenni Li - Ad Altiora.JPG

12-16yrs Runner Up

Jenni Li

Ad Altiora   No. 12

Cat 3 Highly commended Jasmin Chia - Mountain.JPG

12-16yrs Highly Commended

Jasmin Chia

Mountain   No. 7

Cat 3 highly commended johar ahmed - cockatoo craze.jpg

12-16yrs Highly Commended

Johar Ahmed

Cockatoo Craze   No. 73

Cat 3 commeded kai washington.jpg

12-16yrs Commended

Kai Washington

Self Portrait   No. 21

Cat 3 commended Daniella Sentonaris.JPG

12-16yrs Commended

Daniella Sentonaris

Living the Dream   No. 46

Photography Prize - Jonathan Brandon - Diptych Look Closer.jpg

Photography Prize

Jonathan Brandon

Diptych Look Closer   No. 1

Drawing Prize - Aurelia Ruberto - My Mysterious Castle.jpg

Drawing Prize

Aurelia Ruberto

My Mysterious Castle   No. 23

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