Frequently Asked Questions 


Will you take on a student who cannot draw or has never picked up a paintbrush?

Yes, Our Diploma Course starts with the basic skills for those who are total beginners and those who need to refresh their skills before applying these skills to the various mediums.

If I miss a couple of classes will I be able to make them up?

Yes, our courses are very flexible and you can make up classes on a different day, week or into the following semester.

Is it ever too late to start painting?

No, we have students who have retired from their profession and finally decide to tap into their creative side. Our part-time Diploma course is a great way to start and every student works at his own pace. The only prerequisite is to be passionate about learning to draw and paint.

Do you provide private classes one on one?

Yes, our specialist art teachers do offer private tuition in all areas of the visual Arts. HSC tuition and guidance is available most weekdays and weekends.

If I do the diploma do I have specialist teachers for each subject?

Yes ,the difference between our course and others is we do offer specialist tuition in each medium .All teachers are practicing artists and only teach in their chosen medium. You will have 8 teachers throughout the course.

After I complete the one year Diploma Course will I have enough skills to paint on my own as a career?

Some students feel confident to pursue their creative path after one year and others feel the need to continue with classes to develop their skills further. We do offer a second year course which involves advanced drawing, painting in various mediums including oil painting, mixed media, printmaking as well as sculpture, surface design and textiles.

At what stage will I be able to exhibit my art and what opportunities do you offer for students to exhibit in the Gallery?

In November each year we have a student/teacher exhibition and all graduate students are asked to exhibit their work. Many graduate students have had solo exhibitions or been part of a group show in the gallery. The school sponsors the Northbridge Art Prize each September which also provides an opportunity for students to exhibit.

Do you offer short courses for those who can’t commit to the Diploma?

Yes, we do offer short courses in drawing and a variety of mediums for beginners to advanced students ranging from one day workshops to 9 week term classes. 


Do teenagers get specialist teachers?

Yes, Our teenage program is taught by specialist teachers.

Do you provide tuition for teenagers who need assistance with HSC?

Yes, we do offer private tuition in a variety of mediums to suit each individual student.

Do you offer a variety of artistic activities?

Yes, students will learn drawing skills and explore a wide range of mediums including acrylic painting, pastels, watercolour, mixed media and printmaking.

Do students acquire knowledge about artists and art history?

Yes, each term students study works by various artists and art movements .Children are encouraged to visit the Art Gallery of NSW and parents are amazed at the knowledge and interest their children acquire within a short time.

Is my child too young to start art classes?

By exploring a variety of mediums and simplifying the language of art we believe children from 3 1/2 years of age can be taught the techniques of art making .Process is considered more important than final product with each artwork involving a learning experience not the production of a masterpiece.

Can children exhibit their artwork at any stage?

Yes, children are encouraged to exhibit their artwork in our annual teacher/student exhibition and the Northbridge Children's Art prize held every September. However, as art is an expression of the child’s feelings and ideas there is no pressure for them to exhibit.

Does my child learn true art skills?

Yes, each lesson involves sequence and structure; teaching specific skills but always offering freedom and choices. We encourage originality, risk-taking and respect each child’s creativity, ideas and style.          I         (02) 9958 1298        I          307 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge NSW 2063          I          copyright NSVA 2017