Northbridge Children's Art Prize 2015

Fri 18 September–Wednesday 30 September 

The Northbridge Children’s Art Prize is an exhibition showcasing the diverse talents of young artists aged between five and fourteen years old. A unique opportunity for children to express themselves creatively and for viewers to experience the magic of children’s art. Exciting art workshops and talks throughout the exhibition.

Prizes announced 

Congratulations to prize winners and all participants of this years Children's Art Prize. List of prize winners below:


Grand Prize Winner - Edward Veil 'Self Portrait' (No. 60)


Category 1 (5-8yrs)

Commended Category 1 - Kylie Zhou 'Night Owl' (No. 25)

Commended Category 1 - Evie Treherne 'Natures World' (No. 89)

Commended Category 1 - Julian Mah 'Icecream House' (No. 75)

1st Prize Category 1 - Sofia Ahmad 'Polar World' (No.7)


Category 2 (8-11yrs)

Commended Category 2 - Louise Barbour 'Transformations' (No.31)

Highly Commended Category 2 - Aidan Doan 'Rainy Day (No. 106)

2nd Prize Category 2 - Johar Ahmad 'Birds Eye View (No. 6)

1st Prize Winner Category 2 - Grace Pellarini 'A Face From Outer Space' (No. 67) 


Category 3 (12 - 16yrs)

Commended Category 3 - Leila Ahmad 'Starry Space' (No. 8)

2nd Prize Category 3 -Jia Huang 'My Living Room (No. 19)

1st Prize Category 3 - Phoebe Pride 'Geisha With Iphone' (No. 70)


Best Photography - Armen Shiraz-Dicanchain 'Aqua Movement' (No. 44)          I         (02) 9958 1298        I          307 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge NSW 2063          I          copyright NSVA 2017